Before you hire a solar contractor, you need to be sure that you are getting the very best.
Here is a checklist for choosing a qualified solar contractor:

Contractor Information

1. Are you licensed? Is the license up-to-date?
2. What kind of insurance do you carry?

System Installation – Solar contractor checklist

1. What type of system and size is appropriate for the location in question?
2. What is the amount of energy output from the system you recommend? How will I be able to monitor the energy output?
3. Can more panels be added in the future should my energy needs change?
4. What is the time frame from start to finish to complete the project?
5. What PV brands do you work with and why? Where is the brand made? Does the manufacturer offer any warranties?
6. What kind of permits need to be obtained before the project can begin? Do you get them? Who pays for them?

Cost – Solar contractor checklist

1. What services and components are included in the initial bid? Is there anything I have to purchase myself?
2.Is it an estimate that can be changed once the project begins or is the price fixed?
3. Does the bid included a specific breakdown of each piece of equipment and component, including the make and model number, the size/KWh per year, and an itemized listing of each cost?
4. Are there any tax incentives or rebates that this project qualifies for? Will you provide the paperwork I need to file?
5. Do you offer financing or have a relationship with a bank for financing?

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