About Solar Discovery

Solar Discovery is dedicated to providing Southern California with accessible, affordable, and clean solar energy. 

Why Solar Discovery?

Solar Discovery’s unique approach involves crafting custom solutions for solar installations, battery storage, and roofing that ensure optimal functionality and financial benefits. As an all-in-one solution, we can also handle any other maintenance or servicing needs, so you can rest easy knowing that we’ll always be there to keep your system working for decades to come. 

We are pioneers and leaders in innovative solar and battery technologies, partnering with top names in the industry like Tesla and CertainTeed to deliver energy-efficient and cost-effective options that empower our customers to take control of their energy.

Our Approach

Embracing self-sustaining, green energy is a cornerstone of our commitment to creating a world that is no longer dependent on fossil fuels. To further this vision, we have designed a unique approach to solar energy that not only greatly reduces your carbon footprint, but also slashes costs on energy bills. We save you money, and you save the planet. It’s a win-win.  

Solar Discovery uses an innovative, data-driven approach designed to maximize the amount of money you save on your electric bill each month. Going solar is a long-term commitment, so getting the most financial value means playing the long game. We make it our business to crunch the numbers to ensure the most financially sound solutions for our customers.  

While solar systems are designed to last over 25 years, they will still require maintenance and servicing from time to time. Unfortunately, it’s all too common in the solar industry for the company-customer relationship to end at installation. We believe that this is just the beginning of a long-term partnership, offering any maintenance, servicing, or upgrades you made need in the future.  

Our Story

Solar Discovery was founded in 2016 by Ariel Yemini. With a background in mechanical and industrial engineering, a passion for serving his community, and a strong sense of environmental stewardship, Ariel set out to build a company that would provide his local Los Angeles community with affordable green energy solutions.

It wasn’t always easy. He spent much of his days doing installations on rooftops, and worked late into the night in his garage, surrounded by stacks of solar panels, developing a software program for designing custom solar systems that would best serve his customers.

Today, Solar Discovery has expanded to offer full solar, battery, and roofing services to the entire Southern California region, and has become the most trusted name in the industry.

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