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Home battery storage systems are an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution that can provide your home with uninterrupted power, even during a power outage. Solar Discovery specializes in battery installations, and partners with the top brands in the industry to provide you with high-quality energy storage systems for your home.

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The Tesla Powerwall 3 was introduced in September 2023 and will be available in early 2024. It is a fully integrated solar and battery system that features an integrated solar inverter that allows for a direct connection to your solar system for high efficiency. Compared to its predecessors, it is much smaller and has a sleeker look, and is twice as powerful with a continuous power output rating of 11.5kW.

Tesla Powerwall 3


The SolarEdge Energy Bank is designed for optimal performance and efficient energy use. If offers a DC-coupled battery for superior efficiency, and can be monitored together with other solar and energy devices on a single app. The Energy Bank is a user-friendly, all-in-one solution for providing optimal energy production and backup power for residential solar systems. 

Panasonic EverVolt™ 

The same legendary Panasonic battery technology that powers the world’s most advanced electric cars is now available to power your home. EverVolt™ stores the excess power your solar panels generate during the day for use during grid outages, or to sell to your local utility. Available in a four- or six-battery configuration, this AC-coupled storage system works with or without solar and delivers clean usable energy. Solar Discovery installed the first ever EverVolt system in the United States in early 2024. 

Panasonic EverVolt
Panasonic EverVolt Solar & Storage Premium Installer
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LG Energy Solution

The ESS is a state-of-the-art home energy management system designed for homeowners ready to take control of their home energy usage. The LG ESS is offered in both an AC-coupled and DC-coupled configuration. The 7.6kW DC-coupled solution with an integrated high efficiency PV inverter is well suited for new solar PV + storage installations. The 5kW AC-coupled solution is ideal for customers looking to install an ESS in a home with an existing solar system.


The IQ Battery 5P is Enphase’s best battery yet, an all-in-one, AC-coupled storage system. It has a fully integrated AC battery system and six embedded IQ8D-BAT Microinverters, and a peak output power of 7.68kW. 

Enphase Battery
HomeGrid Certified Installer


HomeGrid’s batteries put them at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Their batteries are made with Tier 1 prismatic lithium iron phosphate cells, and are capable of powering your entire home. 


Span replaces the traditional electrical panel in your home with powerful smart technology that lets you manage your home energy and circuits from anywhere. The Span Smart Panel is purpose-built for clean energy upgrades like solar, batteries, and EV charging. Span lets you see what’s using energy and enables real-time controls to turn things on or off from anywhere. Paired with a home battery, Span lets you prioritize what’s most important to power and gives you visibility during outages. By utilizing its load shading capabilities, you can selectively manage and prioritize power distribution. This allows it to provide you with a true whole-house backup system, as you’ll be able to better allocate power when and where it’s most needed. 


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