Solar Financing

Going solar has many advantages, both financial and environmental. Financially speaking, going solar can benefit homeowners in the following ways:

Eliminate or reduce your
electricity bill

Increase the value of
your home

Protect your home from
rising energy costs

Eligible for ITC (Investment Tax Credit)
up to 26%

Solar Price Discovery offers a variety of flexible financing solutions to make going solar possible for almost everyone while still providing energy savings.

Which Financing Option is Right for You?

Private Lending

  • Credit check required
  • $0 down option
  • Terms between 5-25 years
  • No early payment penalty
  • Secured and unsecured options


  • No credit check required
  • $0 down option
  • Terms between 5-30 years
  • No early payment penalty
  • Must have minimum 15% home equity
The end result of going solar is always worth it: cleaner, more affordable energy that has the potential to greatly increase your home’s value. Click here to contact us and find the perfect financing solution for you.

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