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Solar Reviews – Anaheim, CA Solar Price Discovery did a fantastic job. I had a previous solar company add panels but it wasn’t enough panels to begin with because the bills were still high. Spoke to the representatives of Solar Price Discovery and they sat down and explained everything from the beginning to the end. I was hesitant at first because it would need an extra 14 or 15 panels. After they installed the remaining panels I was advised that it would cover around 95% of needed solar panels. Well I’m here to say that the extra panels made a huge difference. The electrical bills lately have come in at $5 a month and even at times it was zero dollars, believe it or not. I would definitely recommend Solar Price Discovery to anyone needing solar panels. Kudos to everyone. Solar Review by Orlando P.

Solar Reviews – Los Angeles, CA Extremely pleased with my solar system from Solar Price Discovery! Agonized over the process for the last few years. Multiple quotes and decisions to make. I finally met with the owner of Solar Price Discovery, with his knowledge and all the information provided. I found the company to work with. Went with a 28-panel system that should make our electric bill essentially zero. The installation crew was prompt, knowledgeable, and friendly in explaining what they were doing. Excellent financing options! Thanks again! Solar Review by Claudia B.

Solar Reviews – Los Angeles, CA Yoan and Ariel are both honest businessman that work very hard. They provide quality work at a very affordable price. The work they did for me was amazing. I would hire them again and highly recommend them. Absolutely hands down a great company that provides immaculate work. Don’t hesitate to hire. You won’t be disappointed. Solar Review by Melinda B.

Solar Reviews – Los Angeles, CA I would like to rate my experience with Solar Price discovery as a solid 5 stars. I would highly recommend using them for your Solar Panel System. We looked at several companies and different options before deciding to go ahead with them. They provided us with a quote right away and worked with us in every aspect during the progression. Everything was explained in detail and their customer service was 100% and they were always ready and available to answer any concerns or questions. When taking on a venture this important and this big, it was important for us to know exactly what we were getting and we needed to be educated with every step along the way. From beginning to end the experience was easy, quick and completely professional. Already we are seeing a difference. I am thrilled with our new solar panels and definitely encourage you to use Solar Price Discovery. If you want the best work, the best results, the right price you have found it here. Thank you Solar Price Discovery for everything!!! Solar Review by Angie B.

Solar Reviews – Irvine, CA I have received several quotes from various solar companies and Solar price Discovery gave me the best hands down!! Their customer service was impeccable, their rep answered all my questions and was very knowledgeable about their product and what would be best suited for me. I strongly recommend them to anyone who is seriously thinking about solar installation as they clearly know what they’re doing respond quickly and listen to your needs without being pushy or giving you the typical salesman speech which I cannot stand. These guys were amazing. Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it. Solar Review by Shannon R.

Solar Reviews – Studio City, CA Solar Price Discovery was a great surprise. I received estimates from other solar panel companies and they came in way under the others. They also spent a lot of time explaining exactly what they’d do and how much it would cost. They were very patient, which was good since we were new to the solar energy game. They were prompt, courteous and kind. And it cost exactly what they said it would. Yoan Zagury is a pleasure to deal with. We are so happy we hired them. I can’t recommend this company highly enough. Solar Review by Zandy H.

Solar Reviews – Los Angeles, CA These guys are awesome!!! Not only are they super professional, they are honest, kind, and patient. I got quotes from 5 other companies and at the end decided to go with Solar Price Discovery. They gave me the best vibe and we’re the most detail oriented in explaining to me my costs and returns and the entire process. Living in socal, my electrical bills were through the roof (no pun intended) but now with solar I am paying pennies every month. They showed me why purchasing solar is a much better idea than leasing it (as such with most companies) and were there to help me through the financing process and taxes write offs. I had no idea that when you lease the solar panels there is no write offs! All in all, I couldn’t recommend these guys enough. It is one of my rarest positive experiences with a service provider, let alone a contractor. Thank you thank you thank you! Solar Review by Danielle S.

Solar Reviews – Los Angeles, CA We had started interested in solar solutions about a year ago, it was after we got 2 months’ enormous electric bill. We were looking for solar solution. We had interviewed few well-known companies, but we found out it all about sales approach. By mistake we mate Solar Price Discovery after they installed our neighbor solar system, we had decided to invited them in. Two guys come into our house, they represented themselves as educated engineers. We spent with them about 4 hours till we figured out that solar is something else than we had told before. They come out with a different approach consistent with transparency based on knowledge. We have our solar system installed for few months and we are confidence to recommend on the company. Solar Review by Hani Y.

Solar Reviews – Los Angeles, CA SOLAR PRICE DISCOVERY is a great company. They came to my house about six months ago and I was very sceptic about the whole solar boom. A few months passed by and I decided after receiving enormous electric bills that I will meet with them again. A very knowledgeable team member come to our house and sat with us for a couple of hours till we felt comfortable to close a deal. As for now we are very pleased with the outcome and the amazing price reduction. I will recommend this company to everyone I know. Solar Review by Chai S.

Solar Reviews – Los Angeles, CA I would like to share that I am beyond happy with Solar Price Discovery. I received quotes from a few other companies and ultimately chose Solar Price Discovery because the other companies seemed very hungry for the job and made me feel as though I would just be a statistic for them. Solar Price Discovery were the opposite; They made me feel extremely comfortable and that my needs came first. From the beginning, Solar Price Discovery came and showed me the process and what I will be experiencing. When I had questions (and I had a million) they were patient in answering me and addressing all my concerns. The process was smooth and simple. They operate as a small family-like business, so I could even call them in the middle of the night and they would be available to take my call every time. I believe it is their honesty, attentiveness, price, and quality of workmanship that make them an ideal choice for any solar system installation. I am very grateful for Solar Price Discovery and all the wonderful solar installation system work they have done for me. If you get solar, get it with these guys! Solar Review by Shay S.

Solar Reviews – Long Beach, CA I was in the market for new solar energy panels and after doing extensive research online I narrowed it down to three well known companies. The decision to go with Solar Price Discovery was based upon their exceptional pricing, their over-all knowledge, and extreme patience answering all of our many questions. If you’re looking for a reliable, honest, and professional solar energy company, Solar Price Discovery is the way to go. Solar Review by Esther S.


At SOLAR PRICE DISCOVERY we provide our customers with the best quality materials and the most thorough solar estimates that are available. When you make the decision to go with solar energy, you have made the decision to go with renewable energy that is not only good for the environment, but also good for your pocketbook. We provide only the most thorough facts and information for our customers. We know what it takes to ensure that you are receiving information that is solid and strive to make you confident in our services. The customers are our top priority. We love the opportunity to contribute to a world that is not reliant on fossil fuel energy. We hope that through our services, customers will grow to understand the wonderful world of solar energy. As people across the Los Angeles area adopt solar technology, we are providing an environmentally sound and sustainable future for power supplies. One of the most important factors for our customers is the cost that is associated with installing a solar power system. With SOLAR PRICE DISCOVERY’s cost analyses, we help our customers find reliable and cost-effective solutions so they can commit to moving toward solar energy. Solar power is obtainable, and we hope one day that it will be more commonplace than standard power options. Today’s technology is allowing us to move toward an emission-free power supply, which is even more important when considering the population of not just Los Angeles County, but Orange County, San Fernando Valley, and all of Southern California. Our focus is to encourage Californians to learn that the innovations with solar power have made it more accessible than it has ever been before.


We make it our business to crunch the numbers to give clients a realistic portrait of the financial and environmental benefits of taking the leap into the revolutionary world of solar energy. While it may be simple for competitors to tout short-term gains, SOLAR PRICE DISCOVERY’s approach is focused primarily on the long-term maximization of customer profits. We have found that even current solar panel owners are not aware of how to make the most of their environmentally-friendly investment. SOLAR PRICE DISCOVERY values customer education and realistic analyses of the benefits to be gained with a solar power panel system. Most companies give you a system based on your consumption. Solar Price discovery reviews your energy profile and utility bills and advise you on how to get the most return. You will save five to ten precent more with our technology. Even when the job is done, you will be able to monitor and control your system to track your energy savings.

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