As an innovative and potential future leader of the solar energy industry, SOLAR PRICE DISCOVERY regards the following as required standard norms.


SOLAR PRICE DISCOVERY has firmly planted its feet into industry sands. We are proud and confident in our place, and as such, we behave that way. We are experts in our field and our confidence shines through in every interaction we have. This is applicable to interactions amongst ourselves, as well as to those on the outside. This confidence and expertise allows us to run our business in a decentralized manner. This ultimately enables flexibility in regards to the solutions that we provide.


Being candid and honest are required in all daily interactions. When we are consistently honest with people (whether it be coworkers or clients), we build trust. When people share trust, they acquire the ability to work together happily, all the while accomplishing great things.


Our customer and industry relationships are of the upmost importance to us. As such, we use our custom PV analyses to bring the two together. This allows us to provide our clients with the best quality products at the lowest market price. Our vigilant monitoring of industry trends allows us to stay up-to-date and provide you with the best value for your money.


SOLAR PRICE DISCOVERY is a courteous and dependable group. Our communications should always be purposeful and geared towards positive outcomes. Our managerial staff is elected democratically, but we encourage all employees to think as independent entrepreneurs working towards a common goal. While we love attaining our goals and seeing each other succeed, this should never be attained at the price of your integrity and our honesty. Work place decisions at SOLAR PRICE DISCOVERY are implemented pleasantly, and like any other work place, infractions have justified consequences. We, however, are not critical. We simply consider mistakes an opportunity to learn and improve.


SOLAR PRICE DISCOVERY aims for harmonious teamwork above all else. Our company does not believe in wage-gaps or discrimination and is tolerant and respectful towards individuals of all kinds. We support each other, as well as our clients, in all realms. We recognize that a large part of our job is ensuring high-quality products at a low price, and as such, safety can never be sacrificed. In addition to our social motivations, we are also an environmentally-friendly company that proudly practices what it preaches. Our love of the environment encourages our eco-friendly practices at each level of the business structure. We seek the same from our business affiliates.


Lastly, we are firm believers that the time one spends at work should be both pleasant and gratifying. As such, SOLAR PRICE DISCOVERY is openly appreciative of each and every one of their dedicated employees. We provide the guarantee of a secure career position with a wage that will allow you to live both comfortably and happily.

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