Solar Integrated Roof Los Angeles, CA 90077

Custom slate tile and 9.9kW Panasonic solar system
Donna and Mark first reached out to us through Yelp, they have just purchased a new house and were looking to make some changes. Their main concern was the roof, as it was old and seemed to have some leakages. Also, they wanted to improve the environment and cut their energy costs by installing a solar system.
For this project, the homeowners wanted a custom slate tile roof. Slate roof shingles are made of natural stone and are very resilient and durable. However resilient, working with it requires patience and skill. in contrast to asphalt shingles, which are flexible the slate tile can crack under pressure so its something we keep in mind while installing the solar panels. During the solar panel installation process, instead of drilling the mounting brackets into the slate roofing we removed the tiles and replaced them with a mounting foot and flashing. The rest of the solar installation is the same as any other installation.