Even though solar energy may seem like the goal for homes and businesses everywhere, such as solar rebates, and solar incentives, but before you jump into a solar power panel system, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Our SOLAR PRICE DISCOVERY specialists will help you review your options and make the decision on whether solar energy is right for your home or business.

Ask before choosing solar:
  1. Will you use enough energy to make it worthwhile? Of course solar energy has the potential to save you money, but with the amount of money you invest, you need to be sure that you actually use enough energy to get a return on your investment. You also need to see if you qualify for the tax incentives and rebates.
  2. Is your roof well-suited for solar panels? Not all roofs are created equal. How your roof is angled and the amount of shade over your house will determine how much sunlight will hit the roof.
  3. How energy efficient is your home? If you are considering solar panels, you need to look at the efficiency of your house. Do you have insulated windows or are they single paned and aging? You should also take into consideration the heating and cooling system in your house as different systems will use more energy than others.
SOLAR PRICE DISCOVERY is prepared to look through your current housing situation and see, based on your answers to the questions above, if a solar power panel system is a good fit for you.

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